Education in the United States has been turned on its head as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, with schools on the verge of opening again for the new academic year, students could face hybrid or entirely remote learning.

The hybrid model includes two days of face-to-face instruction and three days of remote learning while the remote learning is entirely online.

Parents worried that their child could fall behind without the guidance of a teacher have to ask, should we get a tutor? Here’s why every parent should consider making this investment. 

Small Gaps in Learning Can Become Chasms

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Your child builds knowledge over time, and they need a strong base before building upwards

Imagine your child’s education is a pyramid made of building blocks. Each time they internalize a lesson, a block is added at the base. Applications of that knowledge and further instructions based on that information go on to form another level in the pyramid. However, when students don’t understand a fundamental concept, a block goes missing and a gap is formed. When enough pieces are absent, the structure fails and students fall behind. These students won’t be able to grasp the next level of understanding required to move on to the next subject. 

Not only can children become disenchanted with school, but they’ll become frustrated in their lack of abilities.

Education is designed to build upon previous lessons to reach greater levels of mastery in a subject and approach more difficult topics. A growing (and entirely reasonable) fear is that students are not going to get the same level of attention and education when they’re learning without a teacher in front of them. As a result, it seems entirely possible that more students will lack the basic building blocks required to move forward when they return to the classrooms in the future. Think about it- students that don’t learn the fundamentals of algebra won’t be in a good position to move on to calculus.

Fortunately, professional tutors are literally a stop-gap in this situation. They can help students fill in the blanks, giving them one-on-one instruction to ensure they have a proper understanding of the subject matter. Tutors develop specific plans for every student and follow through until the skill becomes second nature.

Many Tutors Are Certified Educators

Some teachers moonlight as tutors, and other tutors are certified and just waiting to get into a classroom. \

A lot of parents seem to believe that tutors are not as qualified as teachers. While that can be the case, the truth is that the tutoring industry has many highly educated individuals. Among them, you’ll find state-certified educators in every subject area. This benefits parents because they can find someone who can address the specific weaknesses of their child and work around their schedule on certain days. 

If you look at a large tutoring website, you’ll have the option to sort your search results according to the tutor’s specialty and level of education. You might even see some of your local school district’s teachers online!

The Price Is Lower Than You Think

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Tutoring is not very expensive when you consider the benefits

A major concern of parents is the cost of having a tutor. Fortunately, the costs associated with hiring a tutor aren’t nearly as high as most people believe. In fact, a 30-minute session for some tutors can be scheduled for as little as $25.

Half an hour is almost the amount of instructional time that teachers get in the classroom each day. Imagine what your child could gain from an extra period of learning and review! 

Of course, some high-end tutors will charge far more for their time. Still, you can choose the tutor that strikes the balance between skill and cost to meet your needs. 

Safety Is Still Paramount

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Social distancing is here for the foreseeable future

With COVID-19 still tearing through the U.S., you might not want to bring someone into your home right now. Don’t worry, though. Most tutors are more than willing to work remotely through video platforms.

Some parents might ask, how is that any different than what they’re getting from their schools for free? The difference is the one-on-one instruction that your student gets while working with a tutor.

They can address the specific issues that your student is struggling with and help them overcome their academic problems. 

The world of education is going to be tumultuous for the foreseeable future. If you want to keep your child on the right path, a tutor could be exactly what they need.

As always, do research and engage in interviews to determine which tutor is right for you. Give them a chance to show you their skills, and you’ll be impressed by the outcomes.