About Pomade


People that want to look good, feel good, and do good use DIDA NYC hair products. Formulated by Therapeutic Cuts owner Mikhail Pinkhasov, the matte finish pomade, semigloss pomade and leave-in conditioner have changed the way that people think about their hair products. Yet, it’s important to know precisely how a user benefits from these hair care items. How does each ones help and what sets them apart from others on the market today?

What in the World Is Pomade?

Pomade is a hair product that has been used since the 18th century to help people style their hair and keep it in place. When you look at older pictures of men with their hair slicked back, this is what they used most often to achieve the look and hold. While the modern version of the product is a lot different than the older stuff, there are definitely some similarities.

For starters, the product is known for being somewhat greasy and waxy, owing to its thick consistency. The fact that it is thick and heavy means a little bit of this product goes a long way. Second, it holds your hair in place very well. 

While the consistency is not exactly like wax, this product is certainly thicker than any hair gel that you’ve used. So, the question remains: what makes this product worth using compared to gel?

Why You’ll Want Pomade Instead of Gel

Pomades are becoming more popular as more people learn about the benefits it has over gel. While hair gel will give you a good hold, it hardens your hair so it’s impossible to restyle throughout the day. Moreover, gel tends to flake and leave residue on your clothes or scalp, something that people want to avoid. 

Pomade is a hair product that can be oil-based or water-based. It keeps your hair styled, but it doesn’t harden. While the hold might not be as strong as gel, the hair will look more natural and you can restyle throughout the day as needed. 

DIDA NYC Products 


Matte Finish Pomade

While the DIDA NYC pomade is similar to other high-end blends out there, the matte finish pomade is specially designed to give you a good hold and easy application. One of the major problems that people have with hair products is that they don’t want their hair to look too flashy. That’s why the matte finish is a perfect option. It doesn’t provide the luster or shiny look that other pomades and gels use. Basically, you’ll get a product that keeps your hair in place without gluing it down, provides texture, and also lets you restyle it throughout the day without reapplication.

Semigloss Pomade

For those that like a bit of a shine and slicked-back look, the DIDA NYC semigloss pomade is right for you. The shiny look is making a big comeback in the world of fashion and style, so this pomade is perfect in trying to achieve that look. You take a fingertip of the pomade and carefully work it through your hair to get a shine and style that you won’t soon forget. It’s a look that a lot of business people adopt, and it makes you seem professional and clean cut.

The Leave-In Conditioner


The leave-in conditioner from DIDA NYC is great for women and men that would like to tame their hair without having to wash out pomade at the end of the day. This product can help you reduce static and keep your hair from becoming dry, giving you a great look. Moreover, the leave-in conditioner is enriched with argan oil and vitamins that work to improve the overall health of your scalp. This is definitely worth a trip to the website or the barbershop to obtain!


These products are fantastic for men and women trying to get a healthy scalp and hair that looks its best. Although you can only order these products online or stop into Therapeutic Cuts to get them, the formula is worth it. People from all over the city and beyond have tried them and love how they look and smell. When you add in the fact that none of these products have been tested on animals, you’ll see why these flagship products are beginning to get noticed. 

Call Therapeutic Cuts to see what’s in stock or visit the site online today to get your hands on the best hair products you’ve ever tried.

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